American Slang

Slang – an informal word or phrase used to describe an object, action or person in a manner only understable for the users of the shared lexicon. In this lesson you will read about 25 various slang expressions used by Americans in the United States of America.

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Amped – super excited and thrilled about something, eagerly waiting for something to happen.

Babe – a hot or an attractive person. Additionally, could be used when referring a significant other.

BTW – a shortened version of the phrase ‘by the way’, which allows new information to be introduced in addition to other things that may have been said.

Cheesy – something that is tacky or cheap, not of goof taste.

Chill – to calm down or to relax.

Ditch – to cancel plans without notice, to leave someone stranded.

Dead – can be used to describe a place that is empty and lacks people, or can be used an expression to imply that something is very funny.

FOMO – short for the phrase ‘fear of missing out’, meaning someone that wants to be involved.

FYI – short for ‘for your information’, usually used in a condescending tone.

GOAT – short for ‘greatest of all time’ and is a joke phrase usually used in non-serious contexts.

Hit up – to contact soemone usually via mobile means of communication such as call or message.

K – short for Okay, used to try to get rid of any empotional attachments associated with agreement.

Kudos – refers to great work or achievements and can be used as a congradulatory or encouragment phrase.

Legit – something that is of great value or quality.

Score – an expression to mark an achievment of any kind.

Shotgun – the front seat on the passanger seat in the car. This phrase is used when wanting to reserve that seat for yourself.

Slay – phrase used to encourage soemone and praise them for their looks or achievements.

Stan – refers to someone admiring another person greatly.

Raincheck – to reschedule an event due top unforseen circumstances.

Tea – refers to gossip or overheard news, sharing these news is called ‘spilling the tea‘.

Y’all – a contraction of ‘you all’, used when referring to a group of people.

Wack – bad, horrible, worse than expected,

Wicked – used to amplify the scale of something in the place of ‘very’ or ‘extremely’. Also can sometimes be used on its own as an expression of awesomeness.

Wheels – meaning a car.

To zone out – to lose track of something that is boring.

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