Landmarks in English Speaking Countries pt.2

Historical and Iconic landmarks is a great way to learn about culture through which language acquisition may become easier. In this article you will learn about 9 unique places across English Speaking countries in the continents of North America and Australia.

Click here to read part 1 where the iconic landmarks of European English Speaking countries are displayed.

The US

Washington monument

A white marble obelisk stands at nearly 170 meters tall in commemoration of the first president of the United States as well as one of the founding fathers – George Washington. The monument is located in Washington D.C.. Click here to read more about the world’s tallest stone structure.

The White House

The White House if the official residence and workplace of the president of the United States and has been since 1800. The House is located in Washington D.C. and occupies over 5000 square meters of land solely for the buildings construction. Click here to read more.

Golden Gate Bridge

The large suspension bridge which connects San Fransisco and Marin County is one of the most recognizable symbols of the state of California, as well as the United states of America. Read more about the infamously favourite bridge to destruct in movies by clicking here.


CN Tower

CN Tower was named after the rail company, Canadian National, that built it in 1976. At 554 meters tall, for 32 years it was the tallest free standing structure in the world until 2007 when Burj Khalifa surpassed it. Click here to read more.

The Big Nickle

The world’s largest coin, which is located in Ontario, Cnada stands at 9 meters tall. It is a replica of 1951 Canadian Nickle and was built in 1964 as a celebration symbol of Canadian Centennial. Click here to read more.

World’s Largest Axe

The largest axe is 15 meters tall and weighs 55 tons. The giant axe which stands in Nackawic, Canada is a symbol of Forest Industry’s importance. Read more about the important and unique monument by clicking here.


Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is a performing arts venue located in Sydney Harbour. Highly recognized for its architecture in 2007 Sydney Opera House became UNESCO World Heritage Site. Click here to read more about the icon of Australia.

Sydney Bridge

Sydney Bridge is an arch shaped construction that connects the central part of the city with the northern shore through rail and vehicular system. It is highly regarded as the symbol of Sydney and the iconic viw of the Sydney harbour and Opera House from the bridge is massively associated with the image of Australia. Read more about the bridge nicknamed ‘The Coathanger’ by clicking here.


Uluru or Ayers Rock is a massive sandstone formation in the Northern Territory in Australia. It is 863 meters above the sea level and isalmost 600 years old. Click here to read more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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