American Slang

Slang – an informal word or phrase used to describe an object, action or person in a manner only understable for the users of the shared lexicon. In this lesson you will read about 25 various slang expressions used by Americans in the United States of America. If you want to read about British Slang, …

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British Slang

Slang – a type of informal language constricted by context and usually employed by a specific group of people. Today’s lesson is on British slang, or unique informal words and phrases used by people around the UK. You will find 25 examples of British slang below. Proper – meaning ‘very’, ‘great’ or ‘extremely. Cracking – …

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5 tips to get you speaking

1. Sing! It does not matter if you have ever sung before, do it professionally or absolutely loathe it when you are handed a microsophone at a friends’ or family gathering, singing is one of the fastest ways to ensure you start speaking. Singing works because of the catchy melody or the emotions being conveyed …

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