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Our test is designed to include a variety of different aspects of the English language. It helps to assess your overall language skill level and detect areas which can be improved.

... aren’t my nuts. They belong to Rara the raccoon.

raccoon holding nuts

‘Is Coco here?’ ‘No, …’
The pupils … rugby in the stadium right now.
‘… Rara live in the forest?’
Play catch during recess. … play during class!
Coco isn’t too keen on swimming. Coco … go swimming very often.

quokka swimming

I didn’t see … students in the halls during recess today.
Your study books have arrived. Pick … up this afternoon.
Let’s go to the forest. We need …. some nuts for Coco's dinner party tonight.
‘Where … you during class today?’
What homework … the teacher assign yesterday?


What game are you … to play during recess?
‘Is this your banana?’ ‘No, it’s not …’
‘Excuse me, I’m looking for a study room.’ ‘Sure, there’s … down the hall’.
‘Good morning, Rara. What would you like for breakfast?’ ‘.... some nuts and a banana for me, please.’
My family comes from the Great Forest, but I … up in the city.
I think game theory is … than botany.

game theory

‘Have you ever been to summer camp?’ ‘Yes, I … there last year.’
When you see your classmates, could you please … check their emails?
I … when Rara ate all the food in the kitchen.

racoon sneaky

I … at the rugby stadium a lot before I got interested in swimming.
Is philosophy as … as botany?
I need to pick up some magic beans for my homework assignment. Could you tell me …?
Rara’s school uniform is very dirty. It needs to …
‘I can’t speak Latin.’ ‘... can I’.

philosopher llama

Rara and Coco … together in the same class since first grade.
Rara told everyone that he has finished his midterm assignment, even though he ... working on it yet.
We forgot the cake in the oven, while we … dinner.
I have very … time for working on my paper tonight, because I need to watch the rugby game.
By the time Coco swims across the pool, I … forty laps.
If Rara … the philosophy test, he would have received a scholarship this semester.
… is very important, if you want to be able to construct a coherent sentence.
The Moku island, … is located across the water, is the largest island in the region.
Coco overslept two classes this morning. Coco … very tired.
… of students in this class has increased recently.
… Rara nor Coco want to cook ratatouille for dinner tonight.
I can’t play rugby today. I have … papers that I need to submit today.
I’ve been trying … you for ages, but you’re always on a call with someone else.
… Coco some slack, swimming is a difficult sport.
Not only … used in botany classes, but they’re also a major topic in philosophy classes as well.
… had Rara opened the fridge than all of the food was gone.
Rara drank all the yoghurt before we had a chance to try it? Oh well, there’s no use crying over … milk.
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