British VS American English

History The British introduced their language to Americans when they arrived on the continent across the Atlantic ocean in the 16th century. A large portion of North America’s continent was under the British rule for a rather long time, thus the language became deeply rooted in the land and now is widely spoken all around …

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5 Tips For Travel Vocabulary

5 tips for travel vocabulary Answers, not questions Many language apps provide you with a chance to hear simulated dialogues that you might have in the target language. Many of those dialogues include conversations with locals when travelling, however usually as a language learner you will find yourself in the shoes of the tourist focusing …

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Transportation Vocabulary

Welcome to Science Bird lesson on different means of transport. Here you will find information on various types of vehicles and more. Once you feel ready, take our transportation vocabulary quiz by clicking here and put your newly acquired knowledge to the test. WATER TRANSPORT Water transport is meant for travelling on water bodies such …

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