Conversation Prompts for Travelling

Welcome to Science Bird lesson on conversations for travelling. Below you will find 10 prompts of conversations that you should be able to partake in when abroad, especially in an English speaking country. The prompts include questions that you should be able to respond to, innquiries that you should be able to make, answers that you should be able to provide and more.

You are A, a person you may be talking to is B.

Remember! Read BOTH parts of the conversation, it is important to not only know what to say but to be able to understand what is being said to you as well. For more tips click here.

Tip! Start the conversation politely from a greeting to grab other person’s attention.

Situation: Asking for Directions

Location: City

A: Hi, excuse me. I think I am lost. Could you help me?

B: Yes, of course. What are you looking for?

A: I am looking for [enter the location you are hoping to find]. Do you know where it is?

B: Yes, I do. Let me show you on the map


B: Yes, I do. Go towards the next turn right and then march until the end of the street to the big white building. You should find it.


B: Yes, I do. Let me walk you there!

A: Thank you for your help!

Location: Road

A: I am sorry to bother could you point me to the nearest gas station/shopping center/etc.?

B: Absolutely! Do you have a map? Let me draw the way for you.


B: Of course, I can put the coordinates in for you on your phone.

Location: Museum

A: Hello, I was wondering where would this painting be located?

B: I can wlead you to it, let’s go.


B: It is over in the modern art section, go right in the next department and you should see a big sign that says ‘modern art’ on it, you should find it there.

Location: Shopping Center

A: Hi, could you help me? I am looking for the food court. Do you know where it is?

B: Hi, yes. I just came from there. Take the escalator to the second floor and you should find many restaurants right by the bowling alley.


B: I am going there right now, actually. Want to come with?

Situation: Shopping

Location: Market

A: Excuse me?

B: Yes, how may I help you?

A: How much is this?

B: It is x.xx pounds.

A: Oh thank you


A: I will take it, please bag it for me.

Now you may wish to modify this conversation a little bit if you enter a shopping center or go to the grocery store.

Location: Mall

A: Excuse me, I cannot seem to find the price tag on this item.

B: Yes, let me see. It is actually x.xx pounds OR B: It appears the price tag is missing, let me check it for you.

A: Thank you.

Situation: Getting approached by a stranger

Location: Store

B: Excuse me, can you tell me where the limes are located?

A: Oh I am sorry, I am not sure


A: Of course, I just saw some limes right over there, let me show you.

Location: City

B: Hi, how are you doing?

A: Hello, I am fine. How are you?

B: Good, thank you. Listen, I am opening a new restaurant next week. I would like to invite you to the opening.

A: Oh, I am flattered, but actually I am only here for couple of days.

B: That’s okay, sorry to bother you. Have a nice day.

A: You too!

Location: Road

B: Hi do you know how to get the nearest city?

A: Hi, I am actually not a local so I am not sure.

B: That’s okay, never mind. Thank you.

Location: Train station/bus station/airport

B: Do you know when is the next flight/bus/train to London leaving?

A: I think it is displayed on the departure board right over there.

B: Thanks!

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