Transportation Vocabulary

Welcome to Science Bird lesson on different means of transport. Here you will find information on various types of vehicles and more. Once you feel ready, take our transportation vocabulary quiz by clicking here and put your newly acquired knowledge to the test.


Water transport is meant for travelling on water bodies such as lakes, rivers, seas and oceans. Different types of boats and ships can get you either across half the world or from one side of a river to the other. Ships and Submarines can travel great distances and help the crew survive in the open sea, however boats meant for fishing are better off in more still waters and a little closer to the shore.


Have to travel for work or just want to enjoy the gravity defying experience full of fun? Air transport can offer you both and more! Airplanes are meant for long distance travel, a quick and efficient way to travel between countries or continents. Helicopters are sometimes used for inter-city travel or rescue missions, sometimes weather reports are conducted from them. Hot air balloons are now mostly used for fun and entertainment, but rockets, on the other hand, help carry out big exploration missions to outer space.


Vehicles with wheels are meant for travelling on the road. Cars can fit several people, a group of friends or a family for a trip to the mall or a long road to the sea, on the other hand buses can fit many more people and are often used as a way to reach work. Trucks and vans are usually used in logistics and transport products, while trains can only travel on the rails that connect many places within a country or within several countries.


Due to the lack of motor in this type of transportation, they are usually used for short distances or fun, except for in the case of sleighs. Sleighs can be pulled by horses, donkeys, deer or reindeer and be used as a long distance means of transport. Bikes are also sometimes used when travelling longer distances and are especially used in races when they are made durable and a little different from city bikes that people usually own. However, scooters, skateboards, roller skates are much less capable of getting you far and thus are likely to be used for fun.

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