5 Tips for Writing a Motivational Letter

  1. Use a layout

 While being original and standing out from a crowd might be a good thing, there are definitely better ways to shift attention to yourself than making your motivational letter’s structuring unrecognizable. Motivational letters have existed for a very long time and many different structures have been designed in that time that have proven to work. Try to impress your potential employer or education institution with your credentials, skills and knowledge but perhaps stick to a more traditional layout of a letter, which will make all of your best qualities shine. Click here to check out our motivational letter layout to help you apply for your dream position successfully.

  1. Cater to the position

 Each institution or company knows exactly what they are looking for and usually there is more than one person who is considered for a single position. Make sure your application is the one that gets chosen by hand picking your skills and achievements to highlight in your motivational letter that will put you in a more favourable light than other candidates. You do not have to write about every single victory you have gotten from the day you were born because the motivational letter will become too long and irrelevant. Instead try to search for the requirements that the position you are looking into expects or look into previous job advertisements in the same company and determine what are the qualities that you have that are the same or similar as what the company is looking for. Focus on those aspects of your qualifications for best results. Additionally, education institutions are usually keen on sharing their students or exchange programme participants’ success stories, depending on the aim of your motivational letter, reach out to these individuals to ask for advice on how they made their dreams come true.

  1. Be authentic

 Hiring agents or university admissions office workers have seen a ton of different applications and motivational letters. These people have a lot of experience in the field and are quick to tell a lie from the truth. Make sure to stay factual in your letter to avoid uncomfortable and unwanted confrontation if you get called in for an interview or if you get accepted. If you have skills that would be great for the institution but they are perhaps not your strongest suit emphasize your abilities but make sure to add information about your eagerness to improve and grow, as well as expectations to be able to learn from the company and thus advance these skills. You will find many companies are much more willing to cooperate and provide training for an eager and enthusiastic person with a skill than that who states to possess a quality that they can later not prove in their work. Stay authentic!

  1. Re-emphasize your fit

 Do not forget to come back to the points where you highlight why you are so well suited for the exact company or institution that you are applying to. Everyone loves knowing that you have done your research and are actually knowledgeable about your future prospects. No matter how great your qualifications are, the lack of enthusiasm or understanding of what the company needs might get you a rejection letter. Search for company’s values and long-term goals, connect them to your own goals and values making sure to showcase how great of a fit you truly would be.

  1. Make it neat

 Using a layout for your letter may be the quickest and easiest way to make sure you did not forget to include any vital information that might get you rejected. However additionally, try using tools to check your grammar and language to ensure that they are tone appropriate, in the right register and grammatically sound. A great structure and perfect grammar can get you a long way as well as display your attention for detail and organizations, qualities that are greatly valued by the majority of institutions. 

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