Motivational Letter Layout

Motivational letters are important, they can be used when applying for a job, school or a volunteer programme. In order to ensure that you are the person chosen your motivational letter needs to stand out. But before you can worry about making it into an exceptional piece of art that any possible employer or professor will apprieciate, you have to study the basics.

Here you will find a simple but effective layout that will help you make sure you covered all of your best qualities and greatest achievements.

Simply print out the layout or use it as a reference to make one up from scratch.

Warning. Usually organizations and institutions prefer a printed over hand-written motivational letter but you should conduct some preference research before committing to one of the two.

DonĀ“t forget! During the pandemic many places accept online applications and motivational letters.

Still not sure what to do? Click here to read 5 tips about writing a motivational letter.

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