5 Tips for Writing Like a Pro

  1. Keep a journal

Noting your thoughts can be one of the most helpful ways to improve your writing. With every sentence that you write you will be able to find new ideas and rules that will help you avoid certain mistakes. With time, when acquiring new knowledge, you will notice changes in your writing that way also motivating yourself to keep writing thanks to the improvements that you have made.

  1. Spider-grams

Do not start from trying to perfect a sentence’s grammar by just simply writing a sentence and expecting it to be perfect. Instead, write down your ideas in a spider-gram so you know where to start from and have enough ideas to know how your sentence, or even paragraph is going to start and end. That way you can avoid most of the mistakes that could have happened the first time around when writing without proper preparations. Click here for easy and printable spider-diagram layouts that you can use to plan your next journal entry.

  1. Start a blog

You do not have to keep your thoughts just to yourself, nowadays anyone can share their thoughts. Remember that many people are trying to do the exact thing that you are doing so writing about it and sharing it with the world will not only help you improve as you learn more and more about the way you write, but also having readers who are interested in your writing will provide additional motivation for improvements. For best results try writing about your language journey or something that you are passionate about as it will help you keep interest in what you are doing.

  1. Get a penpal

If writing for a bigger audience is not for you, and writing only for yourself bores you, try getting a pen pal. You can find someone online in forums or social media, there are many people who would love to chat and create meaningful connections. There are also many people who are also interested in learning the same language that you are trying to learn, so you can both help each other improve. You might also look into language exchange, where you could speak with a native speaker of your target language who is interested in your native language. Just remember, before reaching out to someone, make sure they are welcome to these advancements. You can ensure your pen pal success by heading over to websites dedicated for the exact purpose.

  1. Go back and forth

Always look back at what you have done so far. Keeping a journal, writing a blog or storing the letters exchanged with your pen pal can help you reflect on your achievements and past mistakes. Looking back, you might notice how your writing changed, in style as well as grammatical improvements. Not only will you be able to notice the steps of your journey, you will also be motivated by the awareness of your growth.

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